[video] rs-pbrt v0.9.5 and Blender 3.0

09 Feb 2022


So, I started working on a library (called blend_info) to deal with reading data from Blender‘s binary .blend files. In the past I was able to render some Blender v2.79 files, now I abstracted the library to deal (in theory) with all Blender versions (using the DNA information). I tested with two scenes for Blender 2.79 and Blender 3.0 (which should be quiet different from the GUI perspective). With v2.79 I got away with a naming convention and mis-using the old material settings (pre Cycles renderer). Blender 3.0 forced me to get some material settings from shader nodes and the library allows to follow pointers from one data structure to the next. Prove of concept: Both, the Cornell Box, as well as the Radiance Conference Room, render with both Blender scene versions. Get the latest Blender scenes here.