[video] Painting with Maths

19 Dec 2020


On LinkedIn I found a link to a video from Inigo Quilez:

You know I like painting with maths. I just put together a 25 minutes
video deconstructing a new mathematical painting - a girl taking a
selfie. The one below is just a teaser, the full video is on Youtube
and I'd love it if you could go through it and maybe share it around.


In it I show the basic mathematical brushes I used to paint her. I
don't touch on raymarching or coding, just the basic maths. I hope you
enjoy it!


Click on the image above to go to the video on YouTube.

I wish he would have put the short version of the video he used on LinkedIn online as well, because it’s not that long and makes you curious to watch the long version, but if you click on the image above you will be re-directed to the long version on YouTube. I guess the video above is the next step, after last years surfer boy. Check out more on his web page