Usage Statistics for 2014

31 Dec 2014

The web site went online on March 13th of 2014, as you can see here:

March 13th was born.

In June we switched from http to https, which confused the statistics software, until my provider, JPBerlin fixed the problem:

Switch to https caused some statistics failures.

The renderforum was started in the US, hosted by GoDaddy, and moved from .com to .org, hosted in Berlin, Germany, by JPBerlin. On June 16th I announnced that the main developer of Cycles, Brecht van Lommel, now works for Solid Angle, the company behind the Arnold renderer. This caused a temporary peak in the renderforum statistics:

Brecht van Lommel works for Solid Angle.

The renderforum has currently 49 members, but the statistics show that we have visitors from all over the world:

Visitor Map of the renderforum for 2014.

I wouldn’t mind if more people would register and participate. So far it feels like a broadcast (with some listeners), so no real two way communication, but that hopefully changes at some point. During registration you have to answer a question:

Who is the owner of this web page?

Shouldn’t be too hard to guess …

I also wouldn’t mind if people would start using encryption wherever they can. is a good starting point to find people’s public keys (for PGP or GPG) and make sure the provided identities are confirmed.

Happy New Year !!!