Jan Walter R&D

05 Sep 2023


I started using Zola and Abridge to create a new blog area about R&D (research and development) related blog posts:

The main page with the last blog entries

It can be opened by clicking on R&D from the header area and then clicking the link named Blog.

Currently it has the following topics (or categories):

Currently 4 main categories

So far I had kept those R&D related blog posts a bit hidden, until I had at least one post about each category/topic. You can also click on Posts to see a timeline related list:

Timeline of the blog posts

The last entry for 2023 and the posts for 2022 and 2021 are actually still some leftovers from the Abridge (theme) installation and will be removed in the future. Last but not least there are tags you can browse and those tags from the Abridge theme will disappear whereas new tags will show up over time.

Tags for the blog posts

I haven’t decided where to go with this, if I finally restructure the whole web page and replace the Jekyll part entirely by a Zola based theme, or use another Static Site Generator entirely, but I wanted to at least announce the new section from the main web page, so people don’t miss this.