The Cruiser: The Scene and a First Image Rendered by Maxwell

14 Aug 2014

This model was created by Saba Rofchaei and Greg Ward under contract from the U.S. Navy. It is an H-shaped deck space with three lighting configurations (see README file and credits in the repository). Here is a floor plan for the geometry visible in various camera perspectives:

Floor plan for the cruiser scene

Orthograhpic view for bow side (inwards)

Orthograhpic view for bow side (outwards)

Orthograhpic view for stern side (inwards)

Orthograhpic view for stern side (outwards)

The images above were rendered with the interactive Radiance viewer rvu (see man page) and there is a Makefile with a rule view_all which can be used to render even more camera perspectives of the same scene. This assumes that you have Radiance installed on your computer.

% cd 07_cruiser/rad
% make view_all

The import into Blender was not fully automated, but I step by step imported geometry into Blender, cleaned up (e.g. by combining several meshes into a single mesh), and slowly assembled the full scene by mirroring geometry from one side of the ship to the other.

There are still textures missing and the text used on signs etc. has to be either modelled or replaced by textures. Anyway, here is a rendering done with Maxwell using depth of field:

First image rendered by Maxwell