Bedroom: Lagoa

10 Oct 2014

There is a new scene called Bedroom in the repository. The .obj file was downloaded from the web site and cleaned up a bit (e.g. making sure all normals point outwards). Here an image rendered by Lagoa:

Bedroom rendered by Lagoa.

Some textures were taken from

  1. CardboardPlain0016_2_M.jpg for the box below the bed.
  2. FabricPatterns0007_M.jpg for the sheet.
  3. FabricPatterns0013_M.jpg for the blanket.
  4. WoodPlanksClean0049_3_M.jpg for the floor.
  5. WoodFine0001_2_S.jpg for the furniture.

The textures for the posters on the wall were found via Google image search.