Simple Room: Cycles

30 Jan 2015

The simple room scene is described in the Rendering with Radiance book (chapter 1.3). In the repository you will find two versions of the scene in Blender’s file format. Once you loaded the simple_room_cycles.blend into Blender you are ready to render the scene with Cycles from the first camera (cam1) perspective:

Cycles: Simple Room - camera 1 Cycles: Simple Room - camera 2

Cycles: Simple Room - camera 3 Cycles: Simple Room - camera 4

To render the other three available camera perspectives you have to

  1. select a frame number (1-4)

  2. this results in updating keyframed values (e.g. sun & sky or light emitter intensities)

  3. before you hit the render button don’t forget to select the render camera for this particular frame (cam1-4)

  4. hit the render button (or press F12)

How to render the
other camera perspectives.

The Blender file(s) for the simple room scene can be found both in the repository as well as in the download section.