New GitHub Repository to Tweak Scenes from

04 Apr 2014

There is a new repository on GitHub, which purpose it is to use the multi-exporter for Blender and check in (and tweak) various scenes step by step.

  1. Provide Radiance scene (.rad files) as reference

  2. Import Radiance files into Blender and optimize it before saving .blend files

  3. Export to various file formats using the multi-exporter add-on.

  4. Use the estimate settings button of Luxrender (.lxs files) to find good camera settings for Maxwell.

  5. Render a reference image with Maxwell (.mxs files), probably separating several light sources to see their individual impact on the final image.

  6. Tweak the Arnold .ass files step by step following the noise workflow and looking at the AOVs (AOV = arbitrary output variable).

  7. Check in the resulting images (into a img sub-folder) and comment on the renderer version and the render time.

Sub-directories for a example scene

Posts about individual scenes will follow soon …