FMX 2014 - Comparing Global Illumination (GI) Renderers

27 Mar 2014

FMX 2014 (

Tuesday, April 22, Gloria 2, 16:00 - 17:00 (event details)

Blender - Maya - Arnold

Two years ago I did a more general overview about different GI renderers and algorithms being used, by showing them in action with very simple example scenes. In the meantime I replaced some of the exporters I was using in my demo with a multi-exporter, which simultaneously outputs to several renderers in one go. This talk will open the source code to you to learn from, provide a forum to share experience, will give you information about the current state of several repositories being used for render comparisons, provide access to those, and will give you hints about future development and how you can contribute to it. Basically the talk will try to motivate you to get your own hands dirty, get you started with comparing renderers, and will show you a place to share and discuss your findings with others.

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